MRS Rose is a loner who doesn't always like  strangers, and she doesn't also  have any friends. James thinks that he loves her but she pushes him away. She's been in abusive relationships and she’s scared to get hurt again. After he convinces her that he'll never hurt her, her ex shows up again. James is going to protect her no matter what. How bad did her ex hurt her? How bad has she hurt herself? She loves him and he loves her.
I found myself staring often off into space, when my mind came back into a  reality I realized I was staring at a huge guy with brownish blond short hair, and amazing green eyes, I blushed seeing how he was looking back with an eyebrow raised, I blushed and looked around the cafeteria it's lunch and everyone was busy with their friends talking and eating, I took a quick glance to see if he was still looking, he was walking over. Gosh how long was I staring? I put my face in my hands and heard the chair scrape against the floor, I looked up and he was sitting across from me my face turned red. "Hey," I turned around to see if he was talking to someone behind me. "I'm talking to you," he smiled sweetly, I immediately blushed and looked down, a smile like that would light up a room. "H-hey," I replied. "So tell me, do you like what you see?" Confused I tilted my head. "You were staring at me for a good fifteen minutes," he smirked. Dammit. "Aha, yeah I guess I do," I played with my fingers as I spoke. "What's your name?" He had such a curious face he looked cute like a child. "Rosemary." Is all I said. "Mind if I call you Rose?" I nodded in response. "Mine's James," he added, it made me smile. "I like your name," ah I'm so lame. He chuckled, "I like yours too," I giggled which brought a smirk on his face.
"So, where's your friends, or boyfriend?" I laughed a cold laugh. "Have none," he drummed his fingers on the table. "No friends, or no boyfriend?" I shook my head.
"I don't have either," he looked back to where his friends sat and thought for a moment then turned back to me. "Come and sit with us," he smiled and his eyes sparkled. Ugh why must this guy be so damn cute? "Sure," James came to my side of the table and held out his hand smirking, shaking my head I took his hand. What am I supposed to do now this is kinda awkward.. but he seems sweet..

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  1. I live my Mr Right the are really inspiring people alot